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New Books

Ordered on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3:00 pm, and arrive approximately two days later

Most new books (excluding local consigned authors) are 20% off and we do not charge shipping

Cannot use trade credit for new books

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Used Books

Used Book Price
1/2 original cover price

With Trade Credit
1/4 original cover price

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Sale Books

Any book priced $2.00 or less

Cannot use trade credit for sale books

Return Policy

No returns on New Book and Special Orders.

Used books can be returned for trade credit only.


We reserve the right to change our credit and pricing policies at any time.

Trade credit policy

Where do our used books come from?

The Hockessin Book Shelf carries both new and used books,  not only to provide a larger selection of books, but to provide the best deals as well.  

Our New Books come from a variety of Publishers and the wholesale company Ingram Books.  

Our Used books come from YOU – Our Fantastic Customers!  When you bring in your gently used books, the deals get even better! 

how it works

For every book we take into the store, the customer receives 1/4 of the cover price in trade credit. Our trade credit works like a discount program. When you make a purchase after trading in books, credit will automatically deduct from your account, giving you an additional 25% off used books. You will always pay something, but you will also save as long as you have enough trade credit. Trade credit can be applied to USED books only and cannot be applied to NEW or SALE books and it is never redeemable for cash.

What we take

We are looking for gently used books. This means:

  • No books with water damage
  • No books with torn or grimy covers or missing dust jackets
  • No smelly or hairy books
  • No books with broken spines
  • No books with excessive marking or highlighting inside

We do not take

  • Books stored in an attic, basement, barn or garage
  • Textbooks, discarded library books or travel guides
  • Encyclopedias  
  • Outdated non-fiction or reference books
  • Hard cover books published more than 5 years ago
  • Readers Digest Condensed books
  • Magazines, periodicals, or technical guides

When in doubt, bring it in!

Our stock turns over fast; we are always looking for used books in good condition.  And please don’t throw out those old mysteries and romances because they’re “just paperbacks” – we often have higher demand for paperbacks than hardcovers.

our trade hours

Mon - fri

10am - 6pm


10am - 4pm


12pm - 4pm

Please limit yourself to ONE paper bag/cardboard box per customer account per day.

Please keep in mind: we are not a donation center.

Space in our store is limited. If you have several boxes of books that we are unlikely to take into the store, we ask that you deliver them to the Friends of the Hockessin Library, Goodwill or other organizations that specifically takes books for donations.  Please do not leave books outside our store at any time!